MCOUNTDOWN 3.3.2022 EPISODE 742. Today will be a music show in South Korea that will broadcast live on mnet, featuring many great idols and singers.The mcountdown show has been airing for a long time and is very well known by fans of kpop artists. This show can be watched not only in Korea but worldwide. MCOUNTDOWN 3.3.2022 for today you can watch episod 742 live streaming below.


For those who don’t know, the show gives awards to artists and idols who get good results for their latest songs.

For the winner of each episode will be selected based on youtube views, number of albums sold, number of digital, number of votes and more.

The big names that often win this music show are like BTS, TWICE, IU, TAEYEON and many more, you can watch the live broadcast of the episode below.

Before that, let's look at the full line up of idols and artists present for today :-

 / NMIXX / SUPER JUNIOR / Kim Min Jong / Rocket Punch / BTOB / Song Ha Yea / STAYC / WONHO / JWiiver / Cherry Bullet / CRAXY / CLASS:y / TEMPEST / TRENDZ / Han Seung Yun


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*If anyone still can't see the live broadcast, they can refresh this page to see the live broadcast clearly.

Today, this show is very special because it will be attended by a new artist from JYP, namely NMIXX, their performance is one of the most awaited for today and today also their first music show appreance.

Apart from nmixx, today's mcountdown will also be attended by idol legend Super Junior who will promote their new song and also the comeback from BTOB who has just finished military training.

mcountdown will start at 6 pm KST every Thursday, don't forget to watch until the end of taw.

Happy watching everyone !!

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