Watch MAMA Awards 2022 Day 2 Here. Today is the second day for awards ceremony that will be held on Japan. MAMA or Mnet Asian Music Awards is a popular major music awards ceremony that produce by CJ E&M from Korea. This ceremony popular worldwide because of the the performances from all the artist. For today will be a second day , lets watch MAMA Awards 2022 day 2 here.

Watch MAMA Awards 2022 Day 2 Here

Yesterday , MAMA awards carried out with a very lively atmosphere and attended by thousands of Japanese fans.

The awards presented yesterday were also given to the singers who attended and performed and among the awards given is favorite new artist given to the 4 best girl group rookies in 2022.

The uniqueness of the first night of this award was due to the performance of the legendary girl group KARA who made a comeback and performed their hit song from 2007.

For today's award, it was also stated that there will be a large-scale performance from several singers, among those who will perform today are:-

Treasure , Enhypen , IVE , ITZY , Zico , Lim Young-woong , (G)I-dle , NiziU , INI ,New Jeans ,BTS J-Hope , Monika and Tempest





Don't miss the chance to see this award from start to finish because the show in week 2 is guaranteed to be the best.

With the presence of one of BTS members J-Hope to ITZY comeback stage to rising star NiziU who will perform.

For sure the grand prizes award that night will be given to one of the attendees, it is possible that BTS will once again take home the award.

J-Hope who will perform solo that night can also be a representative to take the award.

Happy watching everyone!!!

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